Al-yasr Homestay Pendang 7k0190 , Homestay Pendang, Kedah, Malaysia

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[+] 3 Bilik, 2 Bilik Air , Homestay Pendang, Kedah, Malaysia

Welcome To AL-YASR Homestay Pendang
Pendang District is a town, a district and a parliamentary constituency in Kedah, Malaysia. The district is primarily covered with paddy fields with agriculture being its main economic activity. Historically, Pendang was one of the largest breeding grounds for the elephants used to transport tributary goods to Thailand. Pendang was previously part of Alor Setar, and was contested as Kota Star Selatan until the 1980s. Pendang became a district in its own right in February 1975.

Sebarang Pertanyaan dan Tempahan Sila Hubungi:
Tuan Abdullatef Bin Alhadri: 011-16666400

Kemudahan AL-YASR Homestay Pendang
[+] 3 Bilik, 2 Bilik Air
[+] Penghawa Dingin (2 unit)
[+] Peti Ais
[+] Mesin Basuh
[+] Dapur Gas Kecil
[+] Seterika & papan seterika
[+] Rice cooker
[+] Water Kettle
[+] Pinggan, mangkuk
[+] Sejadah

Lokasi Berdekatan AL-YASR Homestay Pendang
[+] Pendang Lake Resort
[+] Bazaar Melayu Pasar Kemboja
[+] Pejabat Daerah dan Tanah Pendang
[+] KFC
[+] Simpang Empat

Harga AL-YASR Homestay Pendang
[+] Hari Biasa: RM 160
[+] Hujung minggu: RM180

Maklumat Tambahan AL-YASR Homestay Pendang
[+] This homestay is located near the small town called Pendang. 6 minutes away from the town. It is located in a calm neighborhood. The house is spacious with 3 rooms. It can accommodate 6-8 pax (or maybe up to 12 pax, comfortably in sha Allah). There are three Queen sized beds in each rooms. Air-Condition is available in the Main Bedroom only currently and there are enough ceiling fans for each rooms.


Sebarang Pertanyaan dan Tempahan Sila Hubungi:
Tuan Abdullatef Bin Alhadri: 011-16666400

Thank You For Visit

Homestay Details

Starting Price

Number of Rooms

Number of Bathrooms

Max Adults

Check In Time

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: MYR 160.00

: 3

: 2

: 6

: 14:00 PM

: 12:00 PM

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Car Park





Iron & Ironing Board

Air Conditioner

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AL YASR Homestay Pendang



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Homestay Pendang,



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06700, Pendang



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